«Capito?» is the result of my last semester at HTW Chur. As part of my bachelor's thesis I examined storyboards for animated features. How have they changed since Walt Disney invented them about 80 years ago? How did the Digital Revolution affect the industry? Will storyboards still be necessary in the future?
Twelve storyboard artist and directors from DisneyPixar and DreamWorks were interviewed as experts on the topic.
Anyone interested in the results, please write me if you like to read the paper.

TEASER «Capito?»
On a sunny afternoon, Lou's daydreams are interrupted when a foreign-looking boy arrives and grabs her plush fox. How dare he! Conflict arises, emotions are about to explode – but is everything as it appears to be?

Additionally to the scientific thesis, I created «Capito?» – the story and art for a potential animated short. Its purpose was to support the insight of the bachelor thesis: Simple storyboard panels are enough to understand a story emotionally and visually. Additional to the animatic, I drafted an initial character design, color scripts and concept art.

«Capito?» – Italian for «Got it?». The title says it all: communication problems. The story relates to the current situation of refugees, immigration, and quick prejudices. By telling a children's story, the goal is to playfully imply the importance of getting to know each other apart from first impressions. Understanding leads to tolerance and empathy. And in the end, it shows us that we're not that different after all.



music by talented Nicolas Stucky


Concept art


Color scripts


Character design

full storyboard